Time To Wake Up News (Extreme Chaos All Over The World) Feb. 11 – July 2013 (Part 4)

This is Part 4 (of 4) of my Special Edition: “Extreme Chaos All Over The World” which includes the last 5 months of everything you may or may not have seen (especially if you only get your information from the tele-VISION. I took some time off for personal reasons, but my goal is to at least try make one or two new videos a week from now on. In this S.E. most articles are going to go through extremely fast as this video is jammed packed. If you would like to read what is on the screen I strongly encourage everyone to put this video in “Full-Screen” format, on the highest resolution, and “pause” where you would like to read for better viewing and reading. Unfortunately for this video I will not be sharing any of my sources or the links because there is just to much to list, but if anyone needs any links please feel free to inbox me here on YouTube and I will try my best to get back to you when I am able to do so as I do have everything you see here saved in my personal files. Please know that I will not be approving and I will be deleting any negative comments regarding the music, intro, or anything else that I don’t think is appropriate or doesn’t contain to what is being presented in the video.
Please *SHARE* as I feel this is of extreme importance that everyone sees this and learns what is going on in our world because It’s seriously Time To Wake Up NOW!!! Also, Please feel free to *SUBSCRIBE* to my channel and please check out my other videos. Be Safe, and God Bless Everyone. Much Love, CHRISTOF (;

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