*ALERT* FB Is CENSORING My Facebook Page, Deleting Posts, & Status Updates!! :(

Please be advised that not all of the links that I am sharing and posting on my Twitter account are being forwarded to this page and as a matter of fact some posts are actually being totally deleted or vanishing.

I woke up early yesterday morning October 21st at around 4:30 am. I first began forwarding the text alerts that I had sent to my phone over night and than I went on Twitter and had been re-tweeting many different postings, news, and all sorts of different things for about an hour and half in hopes that everything that I was doing was being forwarded to this page like it should be because I have both my Twitter account and also this page connected so that everything I post on Twitter should automatically be forwarded to this page.

Usually after I share or re-tweet multiple different things for long periods of time I come back to this page to see if everything went through and sadly yesterday only half of what I was sharing was being forwarded here.

When usuing the mobile version of Facebook on my phone I do not have any option to share anything to this page at all. I am only allowed to share a status and that is it so that is why I connected this page with my Twitter account because that is the only way I can share anything to this page while I am not around or able to get to a computer.

Once I noticed all that was missing on this page I typed out 2 status updates on Facebook letting you all know what was going on and once I pressed *share* nothing had been posted to the page, they were immediately deleted once I hit send/ share. I even posted something similar on my Twitter account (see picture below) and it also was forwarded here.

I think this whole censoring non sense is ridiculous. I can’t do anything about it, but I’m just making this note to let you all know what is going on because if I put this as a status on the page it probably won’t be posted.

I’ve been having so many problems with my personal Facebook account for many years  which this page is also connected to. My current problem is I have saved a massive database of information in “my notes” on my personal page and when I click on to view my notes the only notes showing is the first 2 and the remaining 48 will not load now for almost a week. I have contacted Facebook about this among other things and I never get back a responce. That is what is going on, it is ok to comment on this note. Hopefully this won’t vanish too lol


Highlighted tweet that was not forwarded to this page yesterday 10-22-2013.


They want me to PAY MONEY so that everyone that “like” this page will see these posts in their newsfeed!!


That’s all I was doing was updating my notes.


My message to Facebook: No Reply.



My notes will not load anymore. 😦



Time To Wake Up News Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/TimeToWakeUpNews



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