Real Life Drills & Subliminal Messaging On TV/ Movies?

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As Worries Over the Power Grid Rise, a Drill Will Simulate a Knockout Blow (Drill November 2013)

American Blackout (National Geographic) 10-27-2013 @ 9pm

I found this on “Godlike Productions”, Please be advised I am not sharing this because I believe that something is going happen on this date as I am not a prophet and I do not have all of the answers. I’m not trying to fear monger like some people on the internet. I’m simply sharing this information with everyone because I found it very strange and it could be important or it could be nothing. Only God knows what is going to happen from one day to another even if there are evil-doers planning events or making them happen:

From Godlike Productions:

GRID EX II = 11-11-11 = illuminati 33 Occurring 11-13-13

I am looking at the illuminati coding of the Grid Ex II power outage drill on 11/13/13. I see illuminati coding all around this event since three of the key illuminati numbers are 11, 13 and 33. We know that they create false flag events on key dates / numbers to give them more satanic meaning.


The words “Grid Ex II” basically represent 11-11-11 as follows:
G=7 + R=18=9 + I=9 + D=4 —> Adds up to 29 that = 11
E=5 + X=24=6 —> Adds up to 11
II —> same as 11

Although 11 is a key illuminati number (like 9/11 WTC and 3/11 Japan Tsunami false flag events), the 11-11-11 adds up to the sacred illuminai number 33. (we have all seen this before)

THE DATE: 11/13/13

The date has two key illuminati numbers in it: 11 and 13.
this appears to be a very special date & event for the illuminati satanic occult.


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