Unusually strong shaking at El Hierro Volcano & La Palma (Magnitude 5.1 earthquake) 12-27-2013

Unusually strong shaking at El Hierro Volcano & La Palma (Magnitude 5.1 earthquake) 12-27-2013

Landslide during earthquake today –

A 5.1 earthquake shakes island of Hierro (VIDEO)

Possible tsunami dangers in the Atlantic:

La Palma Tsunami – Islands of volcanic origin, such as the Canaries, have an especially large potential for triggering a tsunami. That the Canaries constitute a danger was shown 300 000 years ago when a part of the island El Hierro slid into the sea, triggering a mega-tsunami which carried rocks as high as a house for many hundreds of metres into the interior of the east coast of what is today the USA. The danger of a similar island collapse is seen by scientists particularly at the island of La Palma in the Canaries. Here, following a volcanic eruption in 1949 almost half of the mountain range of 20 km moved westwards towards the sea, leaving a large tear in the volcanic basalt. In the event of a fresh eruption, a huge part of the volcano could loosen itself due to differences in the types of rock and diverse water deposits within the now active volcano. As a result, the densely populated east coast of America would be massively threatened. According to a computer simulation by Stephen N. Ward and Simon Day, a tsunami (purple-red on the graphics) would rush across the Atlantic if the slopes of the Cumbre Vieja.volcano were to collapse into the sea.

SOURCE: http://www.tsunami-alarm-system.com/en/phenomenon-tsunami/occurrences-atlantic-ocean.html

El Hierro Volcano activity report – Unusually strong shaking at El Hierro & La Palma (Magnitude 5.1 earthquake) :

Latitude 27.9151
Longitude -18.2708
Magnitude 5.4 mb
Depth 22 km
UTC Time 17:46:06 December 27th, 2013 UTC
Location Canary Islands, Spain Region, Western Mediterranean Area
Author USGS:us

ANF EARTHQUAKE MAP: http://anf.ucsd.edu/recenteqs/


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